Glen Gillian Nickoff

Gr mare, 13/11/1971, QH R1 1669

SIRE: Clover Cue Luck (imp) Chuck Luck   Moore's Red Devil   Stormy Day Moore
Rainy Hancock
Helen Quest   On Quest  
Queen Of The Water
Donna Cue   Mat Mccue   Reed Mccue  
Matador Lady
Donna   Don Diego  
Twenty Grand Mare
DAM: Tufty Royal Fanfare   Riffayal (imp)    
Rose Du Sable (imp)   Jaleel  
Vasey   Royal Fanfare   Riffayal (imp)  
Rose Du Sable (imp)
Gosun Mare   Ramadan Colt
Nahas Ii Mare  

Progeny Name Colour & Sex Foaling Date Sire Dam
Chalani Flight Gr mare 09/09/1977 Warning Flag (imp) 
Warning Flag (imp) 
Glen Gillian Nickoff