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What does a Free Return mean?

We offer a 'Free Return'. What this means is that if after a positive pregnancy test and payment of your account, your mare fails to produce a live foal the following stud season, we will allow you to bring her back for rebreeding (or a substitute mare if the original one is no longer suitable) upon payment of the booking fee. We do not give refunds. If the stallion you bred to is no longer standing at stud at Chalani, a substitute stallion may be utilised, if available (see contracts above for more details).

We are unable to control the circumstances of the environment and the genetics of your mare. But we understand the financial and emotional cost that goes into breeding a foal, and what 'no foal' means in terms of cost and loss of time. We have been breeding horses for over 40 years and understand the vagaries of nature, and the planning and sense of expectation and excitement that goes into every breeding.

We are experienced in sending mares out to stud ourselves and understand that this is more than a business. You would like your mare to have sound knowledgeable care, and we expect that you will closely observe your mare after she is pregnant and care for her soundly during this time.

We are also sometimes able to supply one of our own proven mares on a lease basis if you do not have a mare of your own, or your original mare is no longer suitable (contact us for conditions). We suggest that would include the Chalani name on any foals out of a mare we own.

If you think you would like to breed a quality foal but don't have the right mare, contact us about the possibility of a mare to lease to breed to our standing stallions.

What does the term 'Stud Season' mean?

The Chalani Stud Season runs from 1st September to 24th December (Christmas time) each year. Mares are only accepted outside of these times in exceptional circumstances.

Do I have to pay another booking fee if my mare does not conceive?

If your mare fails to conceive and you choose to wait until the following stud season to re-breed her, a new contract and booking fee is applicable.

However, only one booking fee is applicable per stud season. This means that you only pay a booking fee prior to service on the mare's first 'in-season' cycle that year. Once your mare is tested in foal, then the remainder of the service fee is payable, along with any other fees (ie agistment).

If you choose Walk-In Walk-Out or Chilled semen, then you need to pay the entire service fee prior to your mare attending Chalani or semen being shipped.

Artificial Insemination

Frozen semen is stored at Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital in Victoria. Semen can be readily shipped to your vet from this clinic, with shipping costs based on location. Our preference is to supply frozen semen, due to work commitments mid week. Chilled semen may be offered if we are available, with collections done at Windarra Vet Clinic, Hahndorf. A collection fee of $250 + shipping costs will apply in addition to the service fee. Please enquire by email ( or phone the stud 0413 282 444 for more information about AI.