What is an Australian Stock Horse?

The following description has been prepared by Peter and Jeanette Gower as a "Standard of Excellence".

The Australian Stock Horse is a special type saddle horse - not all saddle horses make good Stock Horses, but all good Stock Horses are top saddle horses. Above all else the Australian Stock Horse is an athlete, unmistakably bloodhorse, with a generous desire to work, averaging 15 - 15.2 hands.

He is highly adaptable, and smart, capable of handling himself well at speed. Like a well trained sheepdog he enjoys action, but does not use his energy until asked.

His nature and courage is truly incredible - he easily develops a close bond with his human carer, and when put to the test will often give more than it is thought possible under extraordinary circumstances.


He is not shown stretched but square so as to emphasize a hindleg set well under the body. He is shown preferably in traditional Australian dress, well trimmed with hogged or pulled mane/tail but English informal attire is also acceptable with plaited mane and tail. Broken horses are traditionally led in a bridle.

Further information is available from the:
Australian Stock Horse Society