Chalani Tamber

The "T" Theme
Pal mare, 08/09/1974, ASH 36753

Tamber pictured working cattle at Willomurra in April 1979. She was shown and used for hunting. She was purchased by the Birmingham family. Tamber later appeared in the Hoofs and Horns magazine (June 1982) hunting with Jim Birmingham, the president at that time of the Salisbury Hunt Club.

SIRE: Jerilderie Thunder Supreme Trigger Supreme   Creamy Jack   One Eyed Horse
E J Rayner's Mare   ---  
Flicka   Chickerloo King   St Anton (imp)  
Pistol Princess
Korea   ---  
DAM: Tano Mundano Bwana Mundano   Golden Flash   Golden Dawn  
Flash By
Aloof Lady   Amana  
How Glorious (nz)   Howe   Defoe (imp)  
Rowethia   Owen Roe

Progeny Name Colour & Sex Foaling Date Sire Dam
Chalani Tamara 
Chalani Tamara 
Pal mare 04/09/1980 Rannock 
Chalani Tamber 
Chalani Tamber