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Thank you to all of those people who keep saying wonderful things about the book and how much they enjoy it. This is only a sample of the many comments from all around the world.

Kirsten C. Zook Denver, Colorado USA Review in Best I have ever read! As a breeder of quarter horses this book has become a fundamental resource for our breeding program to evaluate potential crosses to ensure that certain color issues (i.e., too much white, rn to rn issues, etc) do not occur. Well written and illustrated, it is by far the most comprehensive and useable book on this subject I have ever come across. Highly recommended for breeders in particular.

Pat Murry, Madison Lake, MN USA First, I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the book. I have read and reread it several times. I have it with me most of the time as I photograph horses and write ads for a classified ad website here in the United States. I couldn’t believe the amount of information packed into the book!

Joanne Gibson, Port Vila, VANUATU This is just a short message to thank you for providing horse lovers and breeders with such a wonderful, informative book – Horse Colour Explained…. I am totally enthralled. Your book was recommended to me by a Paint Horse Breeder in New Zealand.

Paige Easley Patty, Cumming, GA USA Review in Useful for horsemen, breeders, equine artists, and laymen! An excellant book, far better than I had expected. Very well organized, starting with the most basic of colors through the more complex patterns and mixes thereof, Jeanette Gower concludes with examples of the unusual and very rare. Cover to cover color photos are extremely well done, showing both examples of the same horses both ‘in color’ and ‘out of coat’ for different seasons for comparison, detail shots/close ups are provided, and multiple examples are illustrated within each group. And although the author concentrates rather heavily on breeds of horses presently in Australia, she still covers a wide range around the world and quotes other researchers in the field. Additionally she provides some information where she disagrees with previous publications on equine colors and their inheritance. I believe that this book is the best in its field that I have found to date, both for breeders, buyers, and equine artists like myself who want to get it right. Added to a group of such books on this topic, one can see the recent changes evolving in our understanding of equine genetics in general through this book, and use the mulitiple studies by differing author/reseachers for comparison and cross reference.

Dot Childs, Yundi, SA. Australia I am reading through your book again: Each time I pick it up I am impressed over and over by your astute observations and the thoroughness of your research. Your logical, intelligent, conclusions defy argument. It is a most excellent book, delivered in language that is easily understood and clearly explained.

Rachel Fenn, review in SA Stockwhip. Australia I had the good fortune of attending the launch of Jeanette Gower’s new book ‘Horse Colour Explained’. The day gave me great insight as to why Jeanette is so highly regarded by not only her peers but to names such as Don Burke, who wrote the forward for her book, and Keith Stevens, previous editor of Hoofs and Horns. Anyone who has ever done any study or reading about genetics will know that it is not an easy subject to understand (in my first year at uni I received only 52% for my genetics subject!!). Due to the simplistic and easy to understand nature of Jeanette’s book I learnt more about the subject than a whole semester taught me at uni. Don’t get me wrong: the book contains advanced information on horse colour genetics, however, Jeanette has the ability to write in a format suitable for all readers. It is worth noting that most of the photographs in the book were taken by Peter Gower and are of exceptional quality.

Jannette Parke, Gympie, Qld. Australia Ever since I was a horse-mad kid I always devoured anything about horse genetics and particularly that written by ‘Genet’ in the Hoofs and Horns as I had and have a deep interest in horse breeding. I have enjoyed your book so much and it has clarified many things that I had absorbed over the years from reading, observation and talking to people, but really needed cross-checking with a definitive authority. Thank you for producing a book that I learnt so much from and will continue to do so – one that is tremendous value and which will sit proudly on the bookshelf between my other ‘classics’ Tom Roberts’ Horse Control The Young Horse and Captain Hayes’ Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners!

Don Burke, review in Burke’s Backyard Magazine. Australia This is a very good book. For anyone who breeds horses or is interested in horse colours, this book is a must. Never before has anyone put together as comprehensive a book as this on all the colours in horses which is so very well illustrated with colour photos, and which is so easy to read. The author, Jeanette Gower, is quite simply, the best horse genetics expert in the world. I have dealt with her over many years and, as an experienced geneticist myself, I must say that she has produced a body of work here that will help horse breeders for many, many years. Horse breeding is undergoing an explosion of new techniques and new technology. Artificial insemination, embryo transferal and principles of genetics are very new to this world. This book complements these aspects and is thus essential reading. Jeanette covers all the colours: palominos, paints, blacks, appaloosas, whites, roans, duns and many more. For $39.95, this full-colour book is a real bargain. They only printed 3,000 copies, so I would rush out to get one before they sell out. I will never part with my copy.

Dr Phillip Sponenberg, Virginia-Maryland Vet College, Blacksburg, VA USA I received the book on horse color genetics, and it is fascinating. Some very useful new information in that, and I greatly appreciate your having sent it. Thanks a million for sending it – I value it, and refer to it repeatedly.

Helen Lomas, Mt Shank, SA. Australia I saw a copy of your book at Horse Deals and was very impressed. I read it from cover to cover and have since been looking at horse colours in a whole new light. A fascinating read, well done, Jeanette. It really is a great achievement.

Samantha McAuliffe, Cayuse Appaloosas, Miriam Vale, Qld. Australia Congratulations on such a wonderful book. It was good to see things that I had always believed about different colour patterns actually in print. A lot of these facts have been proven correct over many years of ‘hands on’ breeding. A lot of books on colour are based on theories not fact, so refreshing to have a factual book at last. I recommend it to everyone.

Rebecca Farquhar, Rolleston, Qld. Australia I am writing to congratulate you on the writing of your very informative book “Horse Colour Explained”. I first discovered it in our local Library and enjoyed it so much so that I had to purchase a copy of my own. I find it a very exciting subject and can appreciate the years of study and knowledge that has gone into writing such a book. I am sure many other horse breeders and enthusiasts like myself would agree. I constantly recommend it to all of my horsey friends.